Howdy! I'm Dinah Finkelstein, the Social Media Strategist & Copywriter at Catch 24 Advertising & Design. I also write and perform all sorts of things for my own edification, and as a freelancer.

Dinah Finkelstein's Bio:

Dinah Finkelstein is a poet living in Brooklyn, New York, making a living doing any kind of writing she can get her hands on. This includes the kind limited to 140 characters to manage the social profile of big brands. Dinah believes very strongly in the Oxford Comma, community building, and the power of Barbra Streisand and Walt Whitman to heal all wounds of the soul.


Dinah Finkelstein is currently pursuing her MFA in creative writing at Rutgers-Newark. graduated cum laude with departmental honors from Northwestern University in 2009. Before entering the strange and baffling world of advertising, she dedicated her career to nonprofit, education, and start-up organizations. These things still dominate her free time, to the extent that such a thing exists for New Yorkers. She has written two successful grants to the National Endowment for the Arts, as well as countless corporate, foundation, and governmental funders. 


Dinah advocates making small acts of mischeif a part of one's daily routine, including but not limited to rabble-rousing, debating for sport, and excessive punning.

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Dinah Finkelstein's Interests & Activities:

Poetry, "the internet", theater & performance art, blogging, progressive politics with a sense of humor, tutoring, assorted nonprofit volunteer work, iambic pentameter, Dolly Parton, puns.